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Meet Jessica 

Physical Therapist and Maternal Health Advocate

Dr. Jessica Thompson, PT, DPT has experience as an orthopedic and pelvic physical therapist at reputable outpatient facilities in the Atlanta Metro area. She created Generational Health Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC as a mobile practice to give patients the one on one care they deserve and to reduce barriers to care. 

When she is not treating patients, Jessica is passionate about advocating for those with pelvic health concerns. She is a co-host of the Core 4 Momentum Podcast: Empowering Women in Pelvic Health. This podcast is one of her efforts in spreading knowledge related to pelvic floor dysfunction and women's health in a way that is free and accessible to all. 

Jessica is also co-creator of Operation M.I.S.T. This program was created as the proposed solution to the maternal mortality crisis. Women are monitored daily through wearable technology to pick up on health concerns between doctor's visits. They are given information to make necessary lifestyle modifications and given data they can provide to their provider to ensure they are not ignored and receive the care they deserve. Listen to Jessica as she co-hosts The Operation M.I.S.T. Podcast: Tackling the Maternal Health Crisis to see how she is helping moms survive pregnancy and thrive postpartum. 

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